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Cloud Services


ExtendaCloud Linux

by Extenda
A powerful cloud server that scales up or down without penalty to meet your cloud computing needs. Starting at 5.6¢/hr, AirVM Standard features up to: 4 vCPUs at 2500MHz/CPU, 32GB of RAM, 500GB of Production Storage. Upload your VMware image or deploy from one of ours.

ExtendaCloud Workstation

Windows Cloud PC by Extenda
The ExtendaCloud Workstation lets you access a fully functional Windows 7 desktop from any device. Unlike solutions that load on your local server or computer, our Workstation is located in a secure, high availability data center with dedicated resources at your disposal. Whether you want a more secure PC or want to access Windows from any device, the ExtendaCloud Workstation is a great solution for you. Just log in from any operating system - Windows, Mac or Linux - and your workstation follows you across devices. Windows 7 Professional provides you with a stable, fast operating system compatible with the widest range of business and personal applications. Businesses benefit by maintaining ownership of workstations after staff departs the company, and by making maintenance and upgrades a snap. Perfect for remote employees and companies with a Bring Your Own Device policy, our ExtendaCloud Workstation lets you work from anywhere.

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